“Preach My Gospel”

“Preach My Gospel”

This is what the voice told me.

I have been dealing with fear over being more open about my faith, largely because of the state our country is in and how much more risky it has become to be passionate about our beliefs.

While it is not an irrational fear, it is something that should not paralyze us with fear.

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Foreknowledge or Predestination?

I don’t usually do things like this because this is such a deep topic, and one that has so many sides to it that sometimes it’s hard to figure out who really believes what and what it all really means.

But this struck me when I was reading through one of Spurgeon’s sermons (yes, I do things like that), and I wanted to flesh things out here so that I can get a better grip on it and so that we, as a Church, can figure out our own stance.

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