The Devotion

“Master Rahl, guide us. Master Rahl, teach us. Master Rahl, protect us. In your light, we thrive. In your mercy, we are sheltered. In your wisdom, we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours.” – Wizard’s First Rule

This devotion is a tradition of those who live under the rule of whatever Master Rahl rules D’Hara. During the time of Darken Rahl, those who lived in the People’s Palace would attend the devotion twice a day, chanting the above mantra for two hours. It was their recognition of their need for Master Rahl.

Combined with it being a show of fealty, it is also combined with a strong magic. Those who sincerely recite the mantra are “bound” to Master Rahl. Those of pure D’Haran blood feel it the strongest, and are able to sense the Master Rahl when he is nearby. Those bound to protect the Master Rahl could track him with the bond, as well as know when he is in danger.

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Is Evil a Creation of God?

“Beata, the Creator does not create evil. He would not create and bestow upon you souls of evil. You have as much potential for good as anyone else, and Anders have a potential for evil equal to anyone.” – Richard Rahl, Soul of the Fire

One of the things that keep people from believing in God, particularly the God of Christianity, is the problem of evil. While the problem is truly quite extensive, it is summed up like this, “If there is a God, and He is as good as people claim He is, then why does evil exist?”

Other than the reality of Satan, there are two prominent answers to this question:

  1. God is not all-powerful and unable to get rid of evil.
  2. God is not all-good, and created the evil in the world.

Sadly, these are the viewpoints that many have taken in response to the problem of evil. There is a proper way to respond to this issue, but this is neither the time nor the place.

I want to focus on the quote above from Terry Goodkind’s book, Soul of the Fire.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Wizard’s Fifth Rule: Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie.” – Soul of the Fire

Too often, we fall into the trap of simply believing what a person tells us. We get caught up in the words, in the message of what they are saying, that we completely neglect the deeds that the person does.

This was the case for the wizards during the time of the old war over 3,000 years ago in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. In this particular text, Richard Rahl remembers that the wizards failed to apply the Wizard’s Fifth Rule when dealing with Wizard Joseph Ander.

Ander was sent to a place known as Toscla to banish creatures from the Underworld known as the chimes. These creatures possess Subtractive Magic, and the world needs balance, so the longer they remain in the world, the less Additive Magic there is. The chimes need Additive Magic to live in the world, and their very presence depletes Additive Magic.

However, Wizard Ander had other ideas.

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What Really Matters

“It isn’t what kind of house you have that matters. This is not happiness. It’s what kind of mind you have, and how you care for your fellow man-what you can do to help others who can be helped by no one else.” – Drefan Rahl; Temple of the Winds

This quote is something of which I need a constant reminder. It hit me square between the eyes the first time I read it, and even now it reminds me of the calling of every Christian.

To put this into context of the book, Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind, Drefan Rahl, Richard’s half-brother, is a healer from a secluded community. He lives quite simply, in a room that serves only his basic needs.

He visits Richard in Aydindril and, while there, is housed in very ostentatious quarters. He has taken the trouble of making seem as much like home for himself as possible. The above quote comes in response to Richard’s suggestion that they move Drefan to better quarters (where Drefan had been staying were the guest quarters).

Like I said, Drefan’s response hit me right between the eyes.

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Who Decides?

Disclaimer: The timing of this is not intentional, at least not by me. I humbly accept that God’s timing and purposes are greater than mine and humbly accept my role as His instrument and servant.


“Ann, I am not the Creator, nor do I have conversations with Him to discuss his choices in creating life and magic. But I am respectful enough to allow that He may have a reason, and it isn’t my place to say He is wrong. That would be naked arrogance…It is not up to us to decide which are good enough to have a right to exist, which is worthy of life.” – Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander; Temple of the Winds

How often are we guilty of this? How often do we look at a culture, a religious faction, or any type of people group and say “They don’t have any rights, let alone the right to live”?

We may not say that openly, but that is at the core of our thoughts against a particular person or people group. We wish they would not exist. We wish them gone.

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Walking into the Future Backward

“Only a fool walks into the future backward.” – Commander General Trimack, Stone of Tears

Let me give you the context of this quote: Richard has just unknowingly become the new Lord Rahl (complicated story/family line; not important right now). Commander General Trimack is the head of the First File, the final ring of steel around Lord Rahl. If all else fails, the First File is responsible for ensuring the final defense of Lord Rahl. Their motto is: their lives before Lord Rahl gets harmed.

As stated earlier, Richard has unknowingly become the new Lord Rahl, partially because he has assassinated the former Lord Rahl, and also because Richard is next in line for the bloodline of the Rahl’s to rule D’Hara.

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God’s Truth in Secular Literature

Over the past few weeks, between moving, school work, devotions and work, I have had a lot of time to do some recreational reading. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work out too well because I get distracted by the television or a video game, but thankfully I don’t know how to properly navigate the cable where I am and my gaming system isn’t hooked up, so that frees me up to either sleep in my free time.

I chose to read.

I know, I’m a nerd, but whatever. I’m proud of it.

Anyway, I have had the benefit over the past few weeks to work my way through Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. The series and supplemental novels amount to around 20 books in total and, for those of you who are unaware of the focus of the series, it follows three major characters: Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Zedd, for short). Richard’s journey entails learning to be the Seeker as well as a war wizard, which is a wizard born with Additive and Subtractive magic. Kahlan’s journey entails learning to be the Mother Confessor and the last living of all Confessors and how, through her love for Richard, can focus her power and magic to help save her homeland, the Midlands. Zedd’s part in the tale is as Richard’s grandfather, a Wizard of the First Order, the most powerful order among wizards. Zedd is the last living Wizard of the First Order, and, while powerful, is not near as powerful as Richard. Zedd’s part runs all over the place, from aiding Richard in defeating a powerful foe to helping bring magic back to the forefront in the world.

Now, on to the main reason for this post:

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