A Hard Pill to Swallow

This is not an easy post for me to write. As a matter of fact, even as I write this, the pill that needs to be swallowed is still lodged in my throat. I honestly have to force myself to swallow this pill, and human nature is what makes this difficult.

Okay, enough beating around the bush with this.

I’ve been struggling with being…self-righteous.

Let me put it this way…I have a problem with coming to terms with the fact that every person is a sinner in the eyes of God.

In other words, I am just as bad as the next guy. No one, no matter their status in this world, no matter gender or their own view of self-importance, is better than anyone else.

Some of us just cover up our faults and problems better than others.

And some of us are better at denying our faults and problems than others.

But one thing that I need to remember, that we all need to remember, is that we are all sinners in the eyes of God. None of us is better than the next.

Without the grace of God, we would all be in more terrible places in our lives than we are in right now.

So, let us all swallow this pill. And live our lives with glory to God and God alone.

Give Til It Hurts?

How many times have you heard that? Or something similar?

“If you want God to bless you, give more than you are capable of giving! Give til it hurts!”

Now, I’m not going to knock the Prosperity Gospel, though I have a laundry list of grievances against it. What I am going to say is that giving til it hurts is not something the Bible advocates.

As a matter of fact, it calls for the exact opposite.

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What is Reclaim the Faith?

Recently, I have been asked the question, “What is Reclaim the Faith?”.

This is a valid question.

And I could write out the mission statement or the list of doctrinal beliefs and even just direct the person to the site to give them a good look at what it is that Reclaim the Faith is attempting to accomplish.

But lately, for me, that hasn’t been sufficient.

Those may be sufficient responses, but I feel like it needs a little bit more.

So, here goes my attempt at giving the answer a bit of a spin.

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The Leper and Jesus


I want to look at one of many of the radical acts Jesus performed during His time here on earth.

It is not radical because it was a miracle. It is not radical because He healed someone.

It is radical because He touched someone.

Not just anyone. Jesus touched an untouchable.

Jesus touched a leper.

For this one, it is all about context.

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Hershey’s Subtle, But Bold, Statement

As the Easter season came and went, there were many changes to the area in which I live, specifically with businesses and the messages that are displayed on their signs. For many of the businesses in my area, Christianity is a common theme.

Many of the owners subscribe to some sort of Christian worldview and proclaim Christ on their LCD boards or the simple block letter boards.

On many of their signs, one would see phrases like “He is Risen!” or “Because He lives” or similar phrases.

It is heartening for me to see this, because in my usual hometown, it is not common for local businesses to make such proclamations on their publicly viewed signs. Usually it is something subtle, like a cross on their wall or a verse or set of verses around their establishment.

However, as Spring and the Easter season approached my area, the town of Hershey, PA made a bold statement with their billboards and even the small flags that hang from their street lights along Main Street in Hershey.

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The Need of This Hour

The world is in turmoil.

War has been raging in the Middle East under the guise of religious fervor and devotion.

Decades, even centuries, old organizations are falling apart.

Social norms and expectations have been flipped on their heads.

Unqualified leaders are in office and even more unqualified leaders have been nominated for positions for which they have no experience.

To make matters worse, people, including Christians (particularly Christians), are expecting the government and people in power (you know, the ones that are unqualified for their positions) to help fix the problems.

And that is not what needs to be done.

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Why Can’t We Understand the Bible?

Let’s face it.  The Bible is a confusing book.

It may be the Word of God, but that does not make it any easier to understand.

There are so many different commands and stories that make no sense to us. We do not understand why the people behaved the way they behaved, why the cultures are so conflicting and why God commanded certain things.

One would expect that the Word of God, the book that contains all knowable truth about God and His dealings with humanity would be an easy book to understand.

But it is not easy to understand.

Why is it this way?

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“…and I will give you rest.”

“Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.'” – Matthew 11:28

For those of us who struggle day in and day out to get things done, this is a wonderful call.

For those of us who scrape just to get by, working two jobs in order to pay the bills and make sure we have food, this is a wonderful call.

For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, this is a wonderful call.

It is the call to the weary to come to Jesus and He will give us rest.

But what does this mean? And what did it mean for His original audience?

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