The Call of the Spirit

It has been quite some time since I have written, and so much has happened. From being diagnosed with severe depression, moving into a new apartment, and transitioning my focus in life and career, my mind, body, and soul has been through the ringer.

I cannot deny that the LORD has been with me through it all. Even during the times when I have given up on Him, He has never given up on me. He patiently waited through it all, reminding me of His love and faithfulness. Though I am far from where I used to be and far from where I want to be, I know He still stands and calls and waits for me to come home.

The call of the LORD is so subtle. It is a whisper that we barely hear, much like the whisper that Elijah experienced on the mountain (1 Kings 19:13).

Yet, it is so powerful.

During times of prayer and meditation during the past week, the LORD has been calling to my spirit. I have always been a spiritually sensitive being, so the strength of this call was overwhelming.

The Spirit of God is something so amazingly powerful and loving that to deny His presence in our lives, in my life, would be blasphemy, and that would be unforgivable (Mark 3:29).

I cannot even begin to describe this call, this pull, this energy. It is so real. It is so surreal.

Oh, the agony of that call! And yet, the peace of it all!

May God call you through His Spirit! May His Spirit call to yours! And may you respond to that call!

Don’t doubt it. Don’t try to explain it away. Just respond. And be drawn by His Spirit.

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