Some Post-Easter Thoughts

It is typical among members of the Church, the American Church specifically, to slide back into their old habits immediately after Sunday.

It is this dark, slippery slope that we all kind of joke about but never fully acknowledge.

It is a path that, if we don’t keep an eye out, will destroy us.

And the death-toll is already rising.

The sad part is, it happens no matter what the previous Sunday featured.

Easter is no exception.

What makes the Easter down-slide so unique is that is slower than all the rest.

It is harder to catch because the message on Easter Sunday is usually the most powerful, filled with “Amen!” and “Allelujah!” and “He is risen!”.

There is nothing wrong with this type of message or service. It invigorates us as Christians. It gives us an added push in our spiritual vitalities. It gives us a little more power to fight our addictions and giants.

And then, just as happens after every Sunday, we fall.

There is a power missing in the Church.

Or rather, the power is there…we’re just ignoring it.

You see, the story of Easter is much more powerful than we realize.

It shows us that God’s wrath is real.

It shows us that one Man was willing to suffer the wrath that we all justly deserve.

And it shows us that we can not save ourselves. There is nothing we can do.

No service project, small group, self-help meeting, Bible study or motivational speaker can save us.

Only Jesus can. And only if we believe on Him.

Only then can we be saved.

The next few posts are going to piss people off. I accept that. But it’s time we faced the truth.

The messages we preach on Sunday morning are weak and ineffective. They don’t convict us. They don’t change us. They simply make us feel better about ourselves for a while and then we go right back to our problems, with no power.

Once again, it’s time to reclaim the faith and take the Gospel out of the hands of feel good, self-help gurus.

It’s time to know Christ, and know Him crucified.

It’s time to take back the kingdom.


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