Breaking the Silence

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on this site. Much of it dealt with a personal attack I endured quite some time ago from someone I once considered a friend. The rest dealt with my own laziness as well as a deep search of my own beliefs and how my faith in God fit into my everyday life.

A huge part of my silence has been my inability to push past my fears. I am not proud of my past. And I am not proud of my addictions. They are a thorn in my side that haunt me every day and keep me from preaching the Gospel or even writing here.

I have felt inadequate and scared. I have felt unworthy of the preaching of the Gospel and being His ambassador here on earth.

Many would say that I have no right to be ashamed, considering the crack team that Jesus sent out and the men and women God chose to be His prophets and kings. They were far from perfect. They all had their vices. And they all glorified God.

So why am I so scared? I don’t really know. But the time has come to stop running. If my past catches up to me, I will face it with the cross of Christ.

I’m not perfect. I will fall. I will give in to my vices. But only if I identify with them.

So, this is me breaking the silence. No longer identifying with my sins and my past but rather identifying with Christ and my new identity in Him.

The banner is raised once more.

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