The Devotion

“Master Rahl, guide us. Master Rahl, teach us. Master Rahl, protect us. In your light, we thrive. In your mercy, we are sheltered. In your wisdom, we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours.” – Wizard’s First Rule

This devotion is a tradition of those who live under the rule of whatever Master Rahl rules D’Hara. During the time of Darken Rahl, those who lived in the People’s Palace would attend the devotion twice a day, chanting the above mantra for two hours. It was their recognition of their need for Master Rahl.

Combined with it being a show of fealty, it is also combined with a strong magic. Those who sincerely recite the mantra are “bound” to Master Rahl. Those of pure D’Haran blood feel it the strongest, and are able to sense the Master Rahl when he is nearby. Those bound to protect the Master Rahl could track him with the bond, as well as know when he is in danger.

The magic goes even deeper. The bond itself was created in order to protect the D’Harans and those bonded to Master Rahl from magic creatures known as “dream walkers”. These people are able to enter a person’s dream, eventually able to enter their waking thoughts as well, even controlling them. The bond is able to protect those loyal to Master Rahl from the dream walkers.

This magic is powerful and speaks to something deep inside my soul.

As a Christian, I am an enemy of Satan. He will do all he can to enter my thoughts and mind, pulling me from God, my Master, to whom I have sworn fealty and loyalty.

In order to keep me “bonded” to the Lord, I chose to re-purpose the devotion created by Terry Goodkind:

Lord Jesus, guide me. Lord Jesus, teach me. Lord Jesus, protect me. In Your Light, I thrive. In Your Mercy, I am sheltered. In Your Wisdom, I am humbled. I live only to love and serve You. My life is Yours.

My watch is set to chime every hour, on the hour. And when this occurs, I kneel and recite this devotion once. If I am unable to kneel, I recite it aloud or to myself, dwelling on the words.

This is my constant reminder, my consistency in my life that keeps me aligned with the Lord.

I encourage each of you to find some kind of pattern, some habit, that reminds you of the God you serve.

It is in our consistency that we remember God and we remain loyal to Him.


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