Who Decides?

Disclaimer: The timing of this is not intentional, at least not by me. I humbly accept that God’s timing and purposes are greater than mine and humbly accept my role as His instrument and servant.


“Ann, I am not the Creator, nor do I have conversations with Him to discuss his choices in creating life and magic. But I am respectful enough to allow that He may have a reason, and it isn’t my place to say He is wrong. That would be naked arrogance…It is not up to us to decide which are good enough to have a right to exist, which is worthy of life.” – Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander; Temple of the Winds

How often are we guilty of this? How often do we look at a culture, a religious faction, or any type of people group and say “They don’t have any rights, let alone the right to live”?

We may not say that openly, but that is at the core of our thoughts against a particular person or people group. We wish they would not exist. We wish them gone.

That is the situation in which Zedd, Wizard of the First Order, finds himself while traveling with Annalina Aldurren, former Prelate of the Palace of the Prophets. During the course of this conversation, Zedd and Ann have run into a raiding party of a people known as the Nangtong. According to Zedd, these people have the ability to steal magic, temporarily disabling anyone with the Gift, and, when they feel that their ancestors’ spirits are angry, they send out a spirit raiding party, whose sole purpose is to find someone or something to sacrifice, in hopes of pleasing the spirits.

Ann finds this repulsive, and questions Zedd as to why he and the other wizards would even let these people live, since they are so dangerous.

Ann gets the above statements as a response to her query.

You see, to the wizards of the New World, every creature and people group has a part to play in Creation. They all have a role, no matter who dangerous that role may be.

Zedd tells Ann, “It is not up to us to judge the wisdom of Creation…We may not like all forms of magic, but we don’t believe in exterminating the Creator’s beings to make a world in the image of those with the most power.”

For this discussion, let us replace magic with life.

“We may not like all forms of [life], but we don’t believe in exterminating the Creator’s beings to make a world in the image of those with the most power.”

I wish this were true across the board. However, we find ourselves in a world where we try to destroy what we do not like, what we do not agree with.

I am not saying that we should just let anyone do whatever they want. That would create mass chaos.

Rather, we should allow people to live the way the Creator designed them, instead of forcing them to conform to a particular ideal.

Also, if we are really honest with ourselves, do we really want the entire world to look like those who have the most power? I know I do not. Those with the most power tend to be the most corrupt.

So, instead of either exterminating those whose lifestyles or religions do not mesh with ours and instead of trying to force them into a specific mold, let them be.

There should be boundaries and rules that must be followed in order to ensure peace and unity, but they should not be so strict that people are not free to be who they are, who God created them to be.

The only image to which anyone should ever conform is the image of Christ. We were all originally created in the image of God and we should all strive to be like Christ.

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