The Screaming Silence of Prayer

You pray to the Lord. You pour out your heart to Him, giving Him everything, all of your hurt, all of your pain, all of your struggles.

And you kneel there, waiting for an answer, waiting for some sort of confirmation that He heard you.

Maybe a nudge, some sort of change in emotion or mental attitude. Something…anything…

But nothing comes.

There you are and there is nothing but silence.

A screaming silence. And it is deafening.

This happens all too often in our prayer life, especially when we are faced with major issues, such as heartbreak, death, terminal illness and in the wake of terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

We are faced with that screaming, deafening silence.

I began to wonder, recently, regarding this situation. Why would God allow us to pour out our hearts, only to have us waiting in this deafening silence?

And the answer came to me one night as I was falling asleep: it’s not that the silence is deafening. Actually, it isn’t a screaming silence we are in at all after we have those immense, heartfelt prayers. As a matter of fact, it is the peace of God that overwhelms us when we pour out our hearts and souls to God.

In his letter to the church in Philippi, Paul tells them to not be anxious about anything. Rather, they are to pray about everything and be grateful to God for what He is doing and has done.

The result? “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand” (Philippians 4:7; NLT).

So, that deafening silence you feel after pouring your heart out to God? That’s not deafening silence. That is the peace of God that is so overwhelming, it is crushing you.

When this comes, relish in it. Breathe it in. God is moving around you. Allow Him to move in you and fill you with the peace that exceeds anything you can understand.

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