Pop-up Storms

(Image by Patriiick (Own work by the original uploader) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons)

I love thunderstorms. To me, they represent the awesome power of God, particularly when they aren’t predicted by the weather service.

There is something about them that says that God is in control. We can predict the weather all we want, but He decides what actually happens.

This is why I love pop-up thunderstorms the most.

They are an incredible display of the power of God.

But at times, they can be very scary, especially if you get caught in one with nowhere to go.

Pop-up thunderstorms, while incredible in the world of nature, are supremely scary when they happen in real life.

The Calm Before the Storm

Think about it: everything is going well. You don’t have a care in the world. Job is good, family is good, faith is good. No matter where you look, there isn’t a single struggle or issue that is pressing on you, begging for your attention. All seems well.

All is quiet on the home front.

Then, it Happens…

Then, it happens. You aren’t expecting it. It just pops up. A car accident. A terminal diagnosis. Maybe you or someone you love becomes the victim of a fatal mugging or some sort of attack.

It is in these moments when our faith in God tends to waver. We feel that God is on our side, and then this pop-up storm happens and we start to doubt.

I believe this is the same type of situation the disciples found themselves in while crossing the sea.

They were in the boat with the Son of God Himself. They probably felt no fear, knowing that Jesus was with them. However, there came a storm. The NLT says that while they were in the boat, “a fierce storm came up”. And not slowly, but soon (Mark 4:37).

And they got afraid. They were sinking. Their faith in God wavered.

The Solution

Thankfully, they did not attempt to fix the problem themselves. They went straight to the one person they knew cared about them: Jesus.

And Jesus did the one thing we all know He is capable of: He calmed the storm. He kept His disciples from drowning.

What About You?

When a pop-up storm comes your way, what is your response? Do you try to fix the problem yourself? Or do you run to Jesus, like the disciples did?

It’s okay to be scared when you come to Jesus. It’s okay to be uncertain of what is going to happen.

What is not okay is doubting the power of Jesus. Come to Him with full faith that He can calm the storm that you are going through.

Pop-up storms are the worst in real life, because they are unexpected and catch us by surprise. But Jesus is there to calm every storm, even the ones that catch us by surprise.

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