“I Was Born Gay”

One of the prominent arguments in the LGBT community is the one that is stated in the title: “I was born gay.” As Lady Gaga puts it, “I was born this way.”

This has been the main point especially when the LGBT community argues with the church. And it always sounds the same, but the essence of it is this, “God made me this way.”

I don’t doubt it. Well, I doubt that God made them gay, but I don’t doubt that they were born gay (and yes, there is a difference, and one I will get into later).

I don’t doubt that they were born with sexual tendencies for their gender. You see, we all born defective. We were all born this way.

Is Being Gay Unnatural/Defective?

The Bible says, “Yes”. You see, whenever Scripture speaks about homosexuality, it describes it as “detestable” and “unnatural”. It was not the way things were supposed to be. God did not intend it to be that way. He intended, as Jesus tells us in the Gospels, for a man and woman to be a couple. That is the natural order of things (Matthew 19:4-5,8). I understand that the discussion surrounding those verses from Matthew deal with marriage and divorce, but we get an insight into Jesus’ mindset on a lot of the Law.

Jesus stated that divorce was unnatural, something that was only allowed because we are sinners.

How does this apply to homosexuality?

Well, notice that divorce was given as a concession. It was allowed because of sin nature. The law about homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22), however, is found in a long list of forbidden sexual practices. Why are they forbidden? Because they are not the natural order of things. They were a corruption of the natural order as God had created it. And note the things around it. The Israelites were commanded not to have sex with an animal, not to have sex with their sisters, their mothers/fathers, their step-mothers/fathers, uncles and aunts, cousins, etc. These things are not the natural order of things, so God forbids them and labels them as sin.

What Do You Mean “We Were All Born This Way”?

We believe that man is born in sin. What this means is that, because Adam disobeyed God shortly after the creation of the world, sin and death permeated the entire world and every person born after that moment is tainted with sin, born with the natural desire and inclination to sin (Romans 5:12).

King David, shortly after his adultery with Bathsheba, acknowledged this when he wrote Psalm 51. He cried out to God, saying, “For I was born a sinner-yes, from the moment my mother conceived me” (Psalm 51:5; NLT).

The Message translates that verse like this: “I’ve been out of step with you for a long time, in the wrong since before I was born”.

That’s some heavy stuff.

David and Paul both say that sin is natural, as natural as breathing, and that, from birth we are sinners. It became the norm after Adam sinned.

What Does This Have To Do With Homosexuality?

I hope that by now you see where I am going with this.

The argument, “I was born gay”, is a valid argument. Perhaps they were. I can be no more certain of that then what the Bible tells me (in case you haven’t picked up on it by now, I am a *HUGE* believer in the authority of scripture).

We have already established that homosexuality is a sin. And we just briefly established that we are all born in sin. It just is.

We are all born sinners. I, for one, was born with an overactive sex-drive that has gotten me into a lot of trouble and I have done some stupid things I am not proud of. But I was born this way. I was born a sinner. And I am relying on God to make me right with Him and conquer this sin.

So, if you are gay, then you were probably born that way. But, just like me, you are a sinner, and you need Jesus. I will love you and serve you and respect you, but you need Jesus just like me. And your life needs to change.

We’ll be exploring some heavy topics such as God’s judgment and whether or not God is just and fair when condemning unbelievers to hell over the next few days (I don’t write on weekends, sorry). Tomorrow, we will look at what Jesus’ eerie silence on the topic of homosexuality.

Until next time, keep the faith.

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