The Coldness of Society

I watched a man almost lose his mother today. And society did nothing.

I was at the DMV, getting my registration renewed, reading my Bible while I waited for the line to whittle down and for my turn to come.

As I waited, a man started saying, “Mom. Mom.”. I didn’t know what was going on, figured he was trying to get his mom’s attention and she just wasn’t listening.

Suddenly, a DMV worker rushed his way through the customers and I finally realized what was happening. The elderly woman had lost consciousness and the man was now shouting, “Mom! Mom!”.

She started to shake, and they laid her on the floor, while everyone just stood there and watched this woman fade away. Other than one person on the phone with 911 and nurse who, by the grace of God was there at that moment in time to help, business went on as though nothing was happening. License photos were being taken, registrations were getting renewed, titles were being transferred. The world kept turning. No one moved.

I pulled out my crucifix and prayed for the woman, Eleanor, but that’s all I could do. Everyone was told to stay where they were, to remain in their lines. I half expected them to arrest anyone who didn’t comply.

I am saddened to say that I let the threats of man and the fear of their opinions to shape my reaction. I wanted to, was urged to, get out of line and pray with the man and for his mother. But I feared what would happen. I feared their opinion.

This is not about my reaction or my fear, but rather the coldness and lack of compassion by society. No one moved. No one seemed to care. They just stood there and kept going about their day, not caring that this woman was dying right before their eyes.

Other than those who acknowledged the law of God written on their hearts by their very nature, everyone just kept living their life.

This world is so cold, so uncaring, so indifferent, so dark.

But Jesus is warm. Jesus is caring. Jesus loves. Jesus is Light.

Church, we are called to be the light of Jesus to the world, to shine His light everywhere we go and to bring light and warmth to the dark, cold places in this world.

Be that light. Be that warmth. Don’t let society and it’s coldness and indifference keep you from shining the light of God. Pray for courage, step out in faith, and be the light.

Be a miracle.

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