On Being a Christian in America

This comes from a heart that is broken for the American Church, a heart that wishes things were different…better…

I’ve been following news reports surrounding the shooting at San Bernadino, the attack in Paris, the discussions surrounding the acceptance of refugees into our nation and our Second Amendment right to bear arms…

And I’ve noticed something…some of the loudest voices in the fray are Christians. The sad part is, it’s not Christians as Jesus defines Christians. It’s not Christians as laid out in the New Testament letters.

It’s Christianity according to being an American.

Let me say that again: it’s Christianity according to being an American.

This is a topic I’ve touched on quite a few times in my life, either in private or in public, and it’s sad that it’s a topic that seems to have the need to be touched on regularly.

I’m sure you’ve seen that the American Church is sick and dying, and if you haven’t, then I pray that the Spirit opens your eyes.

Recently, I read a post by Chris Martin over at Chris Martin Writes regarding American Christians and their lack of need for Jesus. Chris reasons that, since American Christianity is so eager to carry concealed weapons and talk about shooting an armed (or even unarmed) intruder, then it no longer feels the need to rely on God for protection or on His awesome power.

And Chris is right.

Being a Christian in America is the best thing in the world. We are protected by our Constitution, allowed to have comfy, cozy churches with coffee bars and lounge chairs, air conditioning, heat, power point projectors and rock bands.

We go to Walmart and buy clothes and products that could quite possibly be made by children in sweatshops over in third world countries.

We sit in Starbucks and drink our frappucinos and lattes complaining about the president and the government.

When legislation is passed that we disagree with, we scream that our Constitutional rights are being trampled on instead of crying that the message of Jesus is being ignored and trampled on.

We go to Bible studies in the comfy homes of our fellow church members and talk about how to be the Church without actually being the Church. We are those to whom James spoke when he said that those who hear the word and don’t do anything about following it are deceived. And they aren’t deceived by Satan. They deceive themselves (James 1:22-24).

We take a verse and apply it in our comfy American setting and say that it applies to America today. The worst thing is that we think revelation focuses around America and that the anti-Christ will be American and rise in power in America.

(I hope you tasted the sarcasm.)

I’m not saying I’m innocent in this regard. I want to change. I’m seeking God’s wisdom on how to be the Church instead of the church. How to be a Christian instead of an American. And how to remember that I am simply a stranger in this land, a sojourner, hoping to reach the country I belong to while leaving a piece of that country behind.

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