Do You Question What You Learn?

This isn’t so much of a religious post, but rather a general wondering that struck me in a discussion/debate I had with a fellow Christian, and it all boiled down, in my mind, to one overwhelming question: do we question what we learn?

For example, we are taught numerous things in school, especially regarding science and history, and the things that we are taught are what has been approved by the government and the board of education. We learn what other people want us to learn.

I feel like the same happens in the church. We sit under a pastor or some other teacher, who, more often than not, has either been to seminary or who has done extensive research and study into what they are teaching, and, nine times out of ten, we accept what they say as truth. We don’t question it.

Why do we do that? Why do we blindly accept what someone tells us?

Some would argue (as I’m sure my friend would), “I don’t blindly accept this doctrine/teaching/belief. I have been shown scriptural evidence, doctrinal policies and centuries of writing to support that claim.”

And so it is with our classes. We have experts who have studied and released information, but there is the long standing phrase, “The winner writes history.” I’m sure WWII looked different through the eyes of the Nazis, or the Japanese, or the ones we declared war against. We don’t get all sides in class.

Martin Luther, when studying the salvation doctrines of the Catholic Church and the doctrines of purgatory and indulgences, questioned everything. For instance, in his 95 Thesis, Luther argued that, if the pope could empty purgatory, why not do so out of love instead of for money (#82).

It is believed that Luther argued with a few of his teachers regarding the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, because they did not line up with what Scripture taught.

I believe we need to do the same. We need to begin questioning, with reverence and respect, the things that we are taught, instead of blindly accepting them based off of little to no evidence, especially when it comes to doctrine that has little to no Scriptural support.

This is what the Sovereign LORD says.

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