Prayer for Paris

Update:Approximately 100 have been confirmed dead in the attack on the theater and around 50 dead in the other areas. French borders are closed.

I don’t know how many of you have been following the news or any type of news outlet over the past few hours, but right now, the citizens and tourists in Paris, France are in desperate need of our prayers and help.

According to various sources, there was a coordinated attack on several locations throughout the city of Paris. Most reports are stating that there was gunfire heard at and around a cafe in Paris, as well as the soccer stadium, where grenade explosions have been heard and experienced.

Approximately 30 have been confirmed killed in the attack, and somewhere up to 100 people have been taken hostage in a theater. They are in desperate need of our prayers. Please join us here at Reclaim the Faith as we send prayers of safety to God our Father and prayers for justice to come upon those responsible for this tragedy.


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