Why You Shouldn’t Care about the Current Starbucks Holiday Cup

Okay, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring here, and only briefly, because this doesn’t matter at all, but too many people are making a stink about it, and, as a result, it actually matters (gotta love when minor things become major things just because a few hundred people cry foul).

This one has to do with a particular red cup, and, no, I am not talking about a red solo cup. (If that country song just got stuck in your head, I’m sorry. It’s stuck in my head too, so let’s agree to be mad at me for that song being stuck in your head.)

As I’m sure many of you have seen, as of right now, Starbucks has released it’s 2015 holiday cup which is, shockingly, a red cup. (I say “as of right now” regarding the cup because, according to a Starbucks I was recently in, one of the chalkboards stated that the red cup is just the beginning. Who knows if they plan on adding to the cup at all in the near future, but we’ll wait and see.) There are no markings on it, no holiday drawings or designs, no snowmen, no wreathes, no Christmas trees, no Santa, no snow.

It’s just a plain, red coffee cup. That’s it.

The sad part is, Christians have raised the war cry, again, this time claiming that the red cup is Starbucks’ way of “Declaring war on Christmas” and have stated that Starbucks has “lost its Christian message”.

I’ll be honest here and state that I have never known Starbucks to ever have an overtly “Christian” message. They don’t have any church or denominational affiliation, nor have they ever had Gospel presentations or church services within the walls of any of their establishments. They can’t lose something they’ve never have.

I think my friend, Paul Charles, said it best in this Facebook post:

“I must be missing something regarding these new Starbucks “Holiday” cups. I’ve been drinking Starbucks coffee for years and can’t remember ever seeing religious imagery on their seasonal cups. There were snow flakes, snowmen, pine trees, ice skaters and more, but Baby Jesus has never made an appearance nor has anything else that would be clearly religious. They didn’t lose any Christian message. What on earth is the problem?!! It’s not a “War on Christmas,” it’s a red cup. That’s it.”

Brothers and sisters, it’s a red cup. It doesn’t say “Screw Jesus” or anything anti-Christian, nor does it promote (nor has it ever promoted) a particular religious or anti-religious view regarding the upcoming season.

Instead of worrying about something that doesn’t matter, let’s focus on the major issues that are facing the church such as the decay of the American church, the persecution and execution of our brothers and sisters in China and the Middle East and the sad state of Christianity in this nation.

This is what the Sovereign LORD says.

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