The End of Me

I recently reached the end of me. I reached that point that I hope and pray that no one ever reaches in their lives because it is painful and scary and full of so much confusion and doubt.

At the same time, I hope and pray that the people who need to reach the end of them, do reach that point.

As I stated, reaching the end of you is painful. It’s scary and it is full of confusion and doubt. But it is also filled with mercy.

It is that point in your life when you can no longer depend on yourself for escape or salvation. It is where you finally realized that the mess you have made of your life is something you could never clean up.

You are surrounded by piles of rubble that used to be your life and you are at the end of your rope, unsure of where to go next.

It is here that you meet your Creator and your God face to face and cry out to Him for help.

You scream, if need be. You cry. You beg. You finally come crawling to God with the mess of your life that is left in your hands and you lift it to Him.

You beg Him for mercy and forgiveness and you wait for His response. And it is a beautiful moment.

When you call on God when you are at the end of your rope, it is amazing what He can do.

Let me explain my recent situation (embarrassing details excluded…sorry):

I recently made a huge mistake, sinning against God and someone very close to me.

I was on the verge of losing everything and being alone. I begged God for mercy, searching His word and praying it back to Him, begging Him to move in the lives and hearts of the people involved and show amazing mercy and forgiveness.

I begged as David did in Psalm 70 for Him to restore my joy in Him and in my life, that I may obey Him.

And, miraculously, He came through. While the situation may come to light later on in my life/career and come back to bite me, I believe that transparency is key, especially when establishing and maintaining a ministry and outreach for discipleship. And I am confident in God’s great plan in my life.

God has shown incredible mercy in my life.

When you reach the end of you, you either wallow in your own self-pity and accept your fate or you crawl to the God who made you and saved you and will pull you from the mire.

May God bless you, friends.

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