The Dangerous Step..

There’s a passage that haunts me in the New Testament letters, and recently, as a result of a K-Love TV video, it hit me extremely hard.

A lot of us as Christians have a tendency to hold in our sins. Or rather, we confess them to God/Jesus and think that’s all we need. And it’s true, we need only confess our sins to Jesus and we are forgiven.

But for a lot of us, we go to church and we still feel guilty, or we spend time around other Christians and we feel like we don’t belong because of the sins we committed. And we start rationalizing “I confessed my sins to Jesus. I’m good. It’s all good. There’s no reason I should feel this way.”

However, we do. And that’s where this dangerous step comes in.

In his letter to the Christian population, James tells us, “Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed.” (4:16; The Message)

From what I’ve seen, this is a practice that is lacking in the church. Sure, there’s always talk about having an accountability partner, especially when we suffer from addictions and the like. But how many of us actually have someone that we can confess our sins to?

I believe this is something we all need. It’s great to confess our sins to Jesus and get forgiveness, but it is essential to confess them to someone who is sinful just like you and understands the gospel and can pray for you and you for them and forgive one another “so that you can live together whole and healed”.

When you decide on a person to whom you confess your sins, please make sure it is someone you trust. I’m sure you don’t want your sins spread throughout the faith community, especially if it will lead to nasty rumors and issues in the church. I also strongly recommend that you find someone of the same gender, to lessen the possibility of embarrassment on either side. And make sure it is someone wiser than you in the faith. Remember, older does not always mean wiser.

Seek God’s guidance to find the right person to confess to and to hold you accountable for your sins and actions.

Be blessed, my friends.

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