Jesus Isn’t Real…

Recently, I was confronted with a point from a non-believer that science is proving that Jesus never even existed.

I looked up a few articles as well, all of which stated that there is no way that Jesus, at least Jesus as Christians know Him, never existed. They say that He could’ve been any number of historical characters named Jesus, or rather, Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus, son of Joseph).

One of their biggest arguments? Other than the Christian Scriptures, there are no historical documents outside of the Jewish and Roman empires that say anything regarding Jesus.  They say that none of the pagan poets and writers and philosophers of that time wrote a single thing about this apparent miracle man.

Well…duh…they’re pagans. Why would anyone outside of the tribe of Israel and the area in which Jesus ministered have heard about him? His fame during His lifetime was only in the areas in which the Jews gathered, lived, and worshiped. Pagans, or rather those outside of the Jewish communities, would have known next to nothing about Jesus unless they were living in the nation of Israel during that time.

To continue that, they say that there are no Jewish or Roman records of Jesus and His teachings, or any record of any type of genealogy or death records. We all need to remember that Jesus’ teachings were offensive to the pharisees and they most likely did everything they could to quell any writings or discussions regarding Jesus, hence the need for secret letters and meetings and worship services for a period of time in Christian history.

I’m sure that if it wasn’t for a devout group of people who followed and respected preachers such as Jonathan Edwards and Martin Luther, all of their writings would’ve been completely destroyed. And what about you, doubter? If you were so offensive to a group of people, wouldn’t that group do all they can to ensure that there would be as little information about your existence as possible, including any possible paper records of your birth? If they were powerful enough, they would probably erase your social security number or any other type of identifying number from any and all government databases.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that the Jews would’ve done the exact same thing regarding Jesus?

They also argue that there is no record of Pontius Pilate ever executing a man named Jesus.

Again..duh…Pilate wasn’t responsible for Jesus’ death. There would be no court records because the trial was a sham, done largely in the secret of the night, which, by the way, was against Jewish law. And Pilate wouldn’t have recorded it in any court documents for Rome, because he didn’t sentence Jesus to death..the Jewish High Council, the Sanhedrin, did that. The Roman’s simply agreed to their demands for fear of a deadly revolt. Pilate was already as low as he could get. He certainly didn’t want things to get worse.

They also argue that Paul never once, in any of his letters, talked about Jesus’ miracles or His teachings.

Well, Paul had been to all of the places he wrote to before he wrote to them. He most likely spoke of all the key points when he first visited Galatia, Philippi, Collosae, and Corinth to plant churches there. Why rehash something he already taught in their cities, and they heard every time they gathered together for worship?

Their final, and honestly weakest, point, is that we can’t say where Jesus is/was buried.

Ha…haha..hahahaha…of course we can’t! He’s not dead!!!!! He *WAS* dead for a little while and then came alive again and His body, changed, glorified, is now in Heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father.

So, most of their claims that Jesus never existed is that there is no evidence that He ever did, other than texts that have been around for almost 2,000 years stating that He existed.

With everything from wars to fires to plagues and natural disasters, doesn’t it stand to reason that some information could’ve been intentionally or unintentionally destroyed?

Also, if He never existed, if the whole story is indeed a sham, a lie, a fake, then why has His message successfully spread all around the world? Why are people in the deserts and jungles, with no access to the scriptures or any type of Bible, people who worship other gods, having dreams about Jesus and worshiping Him or asking missionaries who happened to find them after the dream teach them about the man they dreamed about?

Why are ISIS fighters suddenly stopping their slaughter because a man in white, claiming to be Jesus, came to them in a dream and told them to stop killing His people? Why are these same fighters going to missionaries’ homes and asking to learn about Jesus so they can follow Him?

Not real? I disagree.

Jesus is very real.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to prove to them that He ever existed. They have to prove that He didn’t.

Keep strong in the faith you learned. Keep following Him. Keep preaching Him. Keep loving Him.

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