This is just the beginning

Okay, so, I didn’t know what to title this, but I hate leaving things without a name.

Anyway, recently, I have been plagued with different thoughts and convictions that I know that many Christians in my position in the American and Universal church struggle with day in and day out.

I have been struggling with the ideas of being a Christian in America, balancing the fine line between being in the world but not of it, transforming myself by the renewing of my mind, being relevant but not blending in, and walking that narrow path that Jesus claim few will find.

I have struggled with exiling and removing myself from those who do not respect me or care for me the way they say they do. I have battled with demons of various strengths that no man should ever have to face. And I have walked through a spiritual desert that has left me dry, broken, and hurting so deeply that I just want to exclude myself from daily activities and become a recluse, shutting everyone out and living a life alone with God.

I have wrestled with the ever-present question and doubt of whether or not the teachings in the Bible still apply today and how many we should throw away due to cultural differences and changes in the world, such as the growth of human rights and equality for all.

I have struggled with the concept of homosexuality and the Church and what Scripture has to say on the issue.

And I have struggled with the idea of Christian freedom and where we draw the line between being in the world, but not of it.

All this has led me to one logical conclusion: to study, research, debate, discuss, pray and meditate and create a book based off of what I have found.

I will use this blog as a way to flesh out my ideas, but will by no means be exhaustive or extensive, but rather as a type of rough draft for my ideas. 

All the while, I hope you all who read this blog will openly discuss and comment on my ideas and theology, giving me a platform for discussion and an open forum for the fleshing out of new ideas.

I invite you all to join me in this journey, that together we can figure things out together, not alone.

Walk with me as I walk with Him.

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