The Glory of God vs. The Glory of Man

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the world around me. See, I’m a driver helper, so for hours on end, from about 5:30 in the morning until whenever we are finally done, I’m seated in the passenger seat of a Sprinter watching the world go by. I see the sun rise, and, like today, I see the sun set or begin to set before I even clock out and head home.

I’ve gone over bridges, by airports, over different highways, into various cities and seen all kinds of people and places and things that man has made.

But at the same time, I’ve seen things that God has made. I’ve seen rivers and trees, mountains and lakes, the sky and the birds and all kinds of animals in Creation.

One day, as I was riding in the truck, I spotted an airplane that had just recently left the airport and was climbing up to the sky, heading to God knows where. And in that moment, I noticed something: when I’m standing next to that plane, or any plane for that matter, I am very small in comparison. It is very well designed to fly efficiently and safely (usually) from point A to point B. It is a powerful machine. But looking at it in the sky, I realize just how small that plane really is. Against the backdrop of the sunrise on that fall morning, the plane was very tiny. It was like a fly on the windshield as it flew across the sky.

Then, it hit me.

Not the plane, thank God, but this thought:

We, humanity, relish in the things we create. We make the big planes and boats and buildings and think that it will last forever and everyone will know our names and our glory will surpass the years. However, it doesn’t. We die, and unless we were especially noteworthy, we go into the ground or incinerated with only our tombstone as a memorial to our existence. Eventually, time and nature take their course and even our graves deteriorate until there is nothing left of us, not even a memory.

But God, on the other hand, His glory lasts day in and day out. First of all, He’s not dead. He is clearly alive, working every day with His children trying to bring His kingdom into this world. If you don’t believe me, just look at nature. Everything you see was made and is sustained by God. Even the things we made, He made first, so to speak.

You see, there’s nothing we can do that doesn’t depend on the existence of it’s most basic piece. There is not a single thing that we can create from absolutely nothing. This iPad that I’m working from has a bunch of little parts, metal and glass and plastic, all taken from something else which was taken from something else which was taken from something else and so on. No human actually made any of the pieces in my iPad. They just took what was already there in existence and reshaped it/reformed it to make it work in the way it does now.

We always try to make things bigger and bigger, trying to outdo each other in our achievements, but we can never outdo God. He made everything, and to top it off, He made it all out of nothing. Now THAT’S something to boast about.

God’s glory lasts forever.

Man’s glory lasts for but a day. Once man dies, he is forgotten and the world turns to the “Next Big Thing”.

Until next time, my friends, keep the faith.

One Love. One God. One Way

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