How Blind Are We?


“‘Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?'” – Luke 6:39

I would have to agree with Jesus. The blind can not lead the blind. If that happened, I bet we would have a bunch of people helping all the blind people out of the middle of the road or out of potholes or ditches all over cities and towns. It would be a mess.

That was Jesus’ point. When you can’t see, how in the world are you going to lead someone else who can’t see. And why would you trust someone else who can’t see to lead you. They don’t where they’re going either!

Now, I realize that I could be writing myself out of business here with this post, but honestly, I don’t care. When I write, I am being led by the Holy Spirit to tell you what He has told me. Believe it or not, that’s up to you, but my sight is clear when I write. But that’s not the point here. The point is this:

We have a terrible tendency to believe whatever anyone says that speaks to us, especially when it comes to religion and matters of faith or the risky combination of religion/social justice or human rights.

Here’s a prime example:

In the 18th and 19th centuries, slavery, the owning of other people for the purpose of work, was perfectly legal. This was legalized and widely accepted and firmly established around the time of the the Declaration of Independence in 1776. (Ironic, isn’t it? We just signed a document that stated that all men were created equal, yet we condoned the owning of other people and made them the lowest social class. I don’t call that equality.)

Anyway, in 1860-1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected to office as President and he began a campaign to end slavery, which led up to the Civil War in 1861, which was a war between the Northern and Southern colonies in the United States. The South wanted to keep slavery legal while the North condemned it, each using the Bible as their support.

I want to focus on the Southern mentality for this discussion. (Sorry, guys, no offense. I love the South and the people there, and the North was just as blind during this time, so I’m not calling you worse than the North.)

They used laws in the Old Testament books of Exodus and Leviticus and examples in the history of Israel to condone slavery. They said that God allowed the owning of slaves. However, I want to point out something very important.

Slaves were only allowed under certain circumstances:

1. As a means to pay off a debt.
2. As spoils of war
3. If they are purchased from a foreign nation as terms of peace/trade

Those are the three major reasons to own slaves. And not only that, but there were certain laws pertaining the treatment of slaves:

1. The Hebrew slave (note, they owned their own people, but only as a means to pay off a debt) must be released after the 6th year of his service, unless he chooses to remain with his master due to good treatment (Exodus 21:2-6)
2. The female slave is treated in the same way as a daughter or a wife (21:7-11)
3. If a slave owner kills his slave with a weapon or other blunt object, the slave owner shall die (21:20)
4. If a slave owner hits a servant and he loses an eye or tooth, the slave owner shall set the slave free because of the injury (21:26-27)

These laws are as clear as day, yet the slave owners in America ignored all of these laws in order to justify their position/rights as slave owners. These men were terribly blind, leading a whole group of people to leave the government that treated them so well and start a war, leading to the death of many men on both sides.

So, now I have to ask how blind we are now? Are there leaders in this world who are blind leading other people who are blind into a terrible pit? Are we willingly putting our hands into the hands of blind men and women who have no idea where they are going?

Are there issues that we have a certain stance on because our role model takes that stance? Are we just masses of blind people being led by other blind people?

What are we missing? When we use the Bible to justify our viewpoints, are we consciously (or unconsciously) ignoring passages that speak to the contrary? Are we blind guides leading the blind? Or are we the blind sheep, blindly following a blind leader?

I love the image above: a blindfolded man leading other blindfolded people. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Check your own eyesight. If you can see clear enough, check the eyesight of the people you follow. Are they blind? Do they have any idea where they are going? If they don’t, please warn their other followers. Don’t let them fall into the pit with their leader.

What about you? Do you have people who follow you but you really have no idea where you’re going? Admit you’re wrong and find someone who has a more clear vision.

Don’t be led by the blind.

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