In Your Darkest Hour


“…but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8

This verse, this thought, this concept, is just…amazing.

Think about it. You didn’t have to do anything. You didn’t have to be following a set of rules. You didn’t have to 50 good deeds. You didn’t have to pray a certain prayer a certain amount of times. You didn’t have to do anything. All you had to do was be you.

God’s love is incredible. Jesus tells Nicodemus in the book of John that God loves the world so much that He willing gave up His one and only Son, Jesus Himself (John 3:16). God tells Jeremiah that He has loved us with an everlasting love, a love that never ends (Jeremiah 31:3). And the verse above, Romans 5:8, describes how God showed us how great His love is for us.

He loves us so much, and He showed it by having His Son, Jesus Christ, die for us. And note our standing with God when Christ died for us: we were still sinners. Did you catch that? We were STILL sinners. We didn’t change at all. Our sin wasn’t gone when Christ died. We hadn’t been forgiven. We hadn’t turned our lives around. We hadn’t begun following God. But God didn’t care.

He loved us so much, that Christ died for us regardless of the fact that we were still sinners, even after all we’ve heard about Him.

Basically, Paul is telling us that in our darkest hour, when we were at our worst, our most depraved, Christ still died for us. We can be the most despicable people in the world, and Christ’s sacrifice will still be for us.

While we were STILL sinners…in our darkest hour…when we were at our worst…Christ died for us.

Keep that in mind as you go through your daily life. Christ died for you while you were STILL a sinner. That’s how God shows you how much He loves you. His only Son died without you showing even a hint of goodness or righteousness.

Thank God that He didn’t wait until I’ve shown some yearning for Him to provide the way of salvation, because I know that that day would never come.

Praise be to the God who sent His only Son to die while I was still a sinner.

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