As the leaves die…


Here we are once again. November has come, the festive holidays are upon us, the weather changes, bringing in nice, brisk, cold days to invigorate the senses and the leaves turn and fall off the trees. It is a sort of death for nature, a death that will not last, but rather prepares us for a glorious “resurrection” of sorts in the Spring, bringing new life to nature.

I find myself today reflecting on the death of the leaves and this sort of melancholy death of nature. Year after year this occurs, and it is a wonderful experience, yet so many of us miss the significance in our lives. We welcome Spring as a time of joy, beauty and new life, but why do we welcome Fall? We welcome it as a time of beautiful leaves and as a forerunner to Winter and the joys of Christmas. In fact, this year it seems that Fall is being looked over and Christmas is being rushed. Not so for me.

I want to talk about what Fall means for me and I want to give us a new connection, a new thinking point for Fall.

As the leaves die and the trees prepare for another year, I find myself thinking about another kind of death: the death of the old Adam, the old man.

Everyone has something about themselves that they wish to change, that they wish would go away. While many wait for the New Year or Lent to change those things, I want to recommend that you use this time, this Fall season, to start changing.

Make a list of the things you want to change:

-quit smoking
-quit drinking
-watch less or no TV
-exercise more
-eat healthier
-be more social
-stop dwelling on the past

Whatever you want to change, make a list. Write it out and put the list in a place where only you will see it. If you feel that it might be helpful to find a partner to help, then do so. But keep the number of people who know about your list of changes to a minimum. The less people you tell at the start, the more likely you are to actually accomplish your goals.

So, as the leaves die, focus on the death of the old you. Start “killing off” the things in your life that you hate and begin the preparations for a glorious “resurrection” of the new you in the Spring, whether it be your own Spring or the literal Spring.

Be bold, my friends. Die now (metaphorically speaking) that you may go on to live a new, glorious life. It is never too late to be the person you have always wanted to be.

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