The people God used

Disclaimer before I begin: I love my friends. I love their opinions and I do my best not to argue with my elders or with those whose opinion I greatly value, but I couldn’t resist this.

I have been known to post about the fact that Christians are not living the way they should. I am constantly writing about the lifestyle of Christians and I have been ridiculed about this or at least debated with about it. I do not deny that the grace of God is abundant in the lives of those who turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ. But I have to say this, again and again, just because you say that Jesus saved you does not mean that you have the right to live any way you wish. We have liberty in Christ, yes, but we need to live our lives in a certain way, a way that is pleasing to our Savior and Father.

In his controversial sermon, Paul Washer discusses the life of the Christian. He asks the audience what would have happened if he were late and he said, “I’m sorry I’m late. I got hit by a bus.” This would have been ridiculous, because he would have shown no injuries consistent with being hit by a bus. You can’t encounter something as big and powerful as a bus and not be changed.

It is the same with Jesus. You can’t say that you have encountered a being so holy, so wonderful, so awesome, so powerful as Jesus and not be changed by it.

I come across this on a friend’s blog this morning:

“So easily we forget the people God used in the Bible. So easily we forget about Rahab the prostitute, David who committed adultery and then killed the women’s husband, Paul who was a murderer of Christians, Moses who murdered an Egyptian, and let’s not forget Jesus who called fishermen, bottom of the food chain, rough, fishermen.”

Sorry, this is slightly taken out of context, but the author is making the point of the power of grace and he says that he sometimes feels guilt when he does something that God’s Word says he shouldn’t do, say or think. He says what I have quoted above.

Now, I agree that we forget the people God used in the Bible, but we sometimes forget something even better: we forget that after God used them, even while He was using them, they were changed. David continued to seek God, his son, Solomon, became a powerful king in Israel. Paul became the best missionary in the world, no longer murdering Christians, but becoming one of them, spreading the message of Christ. Moses became a powerful leader among Israel, entering a sacred covenant with the LORD God and being His intimate friend. And the fisherman that Jesus called went on to perform great miracles, spreading the message of Christ to the known world and beyond.

Yes, God’s grace is important, but we need to make a change. Jesus said “Repent!” John said “Repent!” And so, I say to you, “Repent!” The kingdom of heaven is near. Turn away from your sinful ways, walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and be a witness of the everlasting love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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