The Unknown God

Quite a few times, I talk to people who say, “I believe that there is something powerful moving out there” or “There might be a god, but I don’t know for sure”. Every year, people all over the country pray to God during Thanksgiving, Christmas, family gatherings, weddings, funerals, and other major functions. Soldiers pray to God when they are under severe fire and are in danger of death or injury. Those who are sick or dying pray to God for healing or peace in death. But there is sometimes a common thread among these people: they do not know the God to whom they pray. My hope is to at least introduce you to this God, so that you may have an idea of the Person to whom you pray.

In the book of Acts (17:16-34), Paul has traveled to Athens, Greece. Now, Greece is the home of many myths, including they myths of Zeus and Apollo, and many of the gods after whom our planet are named (though some of them are Roman gods). While he is there, Paul notices among the alters one that states that it is “TO AN UNKOWN GOD”. The Athenians are aware of this god, but they do not know him. There is nothing in their myths and legends that hint to the name or personality of this god, but they know he exists. They have seen numerous acts done by him that can not be attributed to any of their other gods. However, they still worship him. Paul, being the confident missionary he is, begins to teach the Athenians about this God.

This “Unknown God” the Athenians worship is the maker of heaven and earth (17:24; Genesis 1:1). He is not served by human hands and He does not dwell in temples made by humans (17:24-25). He gives life and breath to all of humanity (17:25; Genesis 2:7). This same God created everything on the earth and appointed their dwellings and their seasons (17:26) and He desires that all men seek Him, for we are all His children (17:27-28). God is not the work of our hands (17:29) but rather we are the work of His hands, and we should all repent, because one day He will judge us all in light of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus, His one and only Son (17:29-31).

This God is a loving God. He willingly gave up His one and only Son, Jesus, to be murdered on a wooden cross. This God now looks at all of humanity in light of this sacrifice. He is calling to everyone to accept the sacrifice of His Son as the payment for their sins and He asks that we copy our lives after the life of His Son (1 John 2:6). This “UNKNOWN GOD” is the God of the Hebrews, and the Father of Jesus Christ. He made you, He loves you, He knows you, and He wants you to know Him. Go to Him. He is waiting. Just as the prodigal son’s father embraced his son (Luke 15:11-32), He also waits to embrace you and to welcome you into His heavenly Kingdom

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