Putting on Christ (Or Pretending)

In what is, in my opinion, one of the most frank and honest books about the Christian faith, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis makes a very strong point: we are ordered to be like Christ.

He states that in the Lord’s Prayer, we start it simply with the phrase “Our Father”. We refer to God as our Father, our Dad, but when we seriously look at ourselves, we see that we are not worthy to call Him that. As Mr. Lewis states, “You are not a being like The Son of God, whose will and interests are at one with those of the Father: you are a bundle of self-centered fears, hopes, greeds, jealousies, and self-conceit, all doomed to death.” We know that we are not sons and daughters of God. So, what is the use of pretending to be what we are not? Because eventually, one of two things is bound to happen:

1. We just pretend to be pretending.

2. The pretense becomes the real thing. Or, in more common terms, we fake it til we make it.

This phrase is used in many ways, especially in the area of self-confidence. We fake what we don’t have, we work the muscle group, until eventually the muscle forms, the habit becomes a part of our daily lives. And so it is with becoming Christ-like. Every day, we put on Christ, we pretend to be like Him, we act and think as though we are Him, that we are truly sons and daughters of God. After some time, we begin to see a real change. We start to recognize acts and thoughts that are not fitting for a Child of God, and so you stop those things, or we see that instead of being at our prayers and devotions we should rather be doing helpful things around the house or reaching out to an old friend or someone in need.

We must do what we can, every day, to put on Christ until, eventually, the pretense becomes reality and we are becoming more and more like Christ every single day.

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